International Trade & Excise

With an unrivalled knowledge of customs, excise and trade law, we work with organisations ranging from SMEs to major multinationals. Our focus is to minimise duty costs, supply chain improvements, assist with dispute settlements, liaise with the various authorities and trade policy agencies, and respond to compliance needs with creative strategies and solutions in order to reduce compliance costs.

Working with you, our team will deliver positive results for your business, which include:
  • minimising your customs duty costs by our shared planning skills & innovative solutions, such as our Customs Duty Analyser tool.
  • enhancing your trading performance by optimising the supply chain and representing your best interests with the Australian and International Customs authorities and trade policy agencies
  • responding to your compliance needs with creative strategies and solutions to reduce your compliance costs
  • advising on all aspects of excise including classification, refunds/remissions, fuel tax credits, warehousing, internal controls, reporting and compliance

Customs Duty Planning Advice

  • Securing customs duty exemptions through various duty concession mechanisms, such as the Enhanced Project By-Law Scheme and Tariff Concessions
  • Advantageous tariff classifications to lower duty rates
  • Reducing customs duty costs by employing WTO-based customs valuation rules to enable planning strategies and price unbundling
  • Efficient and optimised import/export processing

Risk Management

  • Compliance “health checks” in order to mitigate the risks that can accrue as a result of non-compliance
  • Implementation of procedures, drafting of manuals and assessment of internal controls
  • Technical assistance and strategic advice in managing audits
  • Secure advance rulings
  • In-house customs, excise and trade training and awareness workshops

Optimise Free Trade Agreements

  • Assist companies to take full advantage of customs duty savings and enhance trade facilitation under preferential trading arrangements
  • Monitoring emerging FTAs so that future planning and benefits can be taken into account

Trade Intelligence Reporting

  • Trade intelligence reporting covering WTO, WCO, ASEAN, FTAs and country specific customs and trade issues globally

Industry Assistance

  • Industry protection- submissions and Advice on Anti Dumping and Countervailing Measures
  • Cross border advice on trade impediments, such as intellectual property protection (trademarks and copyright) non-tariff barriers and discriminatory taxes
  • Australian Industry Participation Planning and strategy